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Kluck suggested that societal relationships, occupation, manners, and clothing all derived from ethnic affiliation.Moreover, the precise criteria for defining ethnic groups varies considerably.Indians formed the bulk of the Sierra rural populace, although mestizos filled this role in the areas with few Indians.Most blacks lived in Esmeraldas Province, with small enclaves found in the Carchi and Imbabura provinces.

A geography of ethnicity remained well-defined until the surge in migration that began in the 1950s. Mestizos lived in small towns scattered throughout the countryside.

Her review depicts this hierarchy as a consequence of colonial attitudes and of the terminology of colonial legal distinctions.

Spanish-born persons residing in the New World (peninsulares) were at the top of the social hierarchy, followed by criollos, born of two Spanish parents in the colonies.

The third most numerous group are the indigenous Amerindians, who account for approximately 7% of the population.

Afro-Ecuadorians make up most of the balance of the percentage and include mulattos (mixed European and sub-Saharan African) and zambos (mixed indigenous and sub-Saharan African).

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