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My partner and I have worked together side by side for several years co-managing and running the entire Internet operations of a publicly traded brokerage firm. and ABC Capital have had much success-ABC Capital was recently valued at 0 million . We are anticipating $XXX million this round to be used for employee building, increased office space, and marketing.We have a compelling two page executive summary that I would like to send you. As such, it's good to get as much feedback as possible.I had the opportunity to pitch to Amanda Steinberg (Founder, Daliy Worth) and Norm Brodsky (Inc. They gave great feedback on my pitch on what I can do differently, how to make it better and if I would get a second meeting with them.What can you possibly say in such a short time that will make investors (and customers) want to hear more? It is not a "sales pitch." Don't get caught up in using the entire pitch to tell the Investor how great your product or service is.

Whether you are out at an entrepreneurship conference, mingling with friends, or you just so happen to know somebody who knows somebody who's able to help you take your company to the next level, you'll get this question: "What do you do for a living? " This is the perfect opportunity, not to necessarily "sell" your business but to make people want to know more about you and your company.

Private equity is a 0 billion a year market, with over 400,000 entrepreneurs aggressively seeking capital at any given time.

Seeking offers entrepreneurs and investors an efficient and uniquely interactive method for obtaining or investing capital in pre-IPO companies.

Personalize this person's problem into a question and give them the best solution: your company.

Related: Why You Need to Get Out of Town Now If you have worked with some big name brands already, or even the competitors of the person that you are pitching to, don’t be afraid to mention that.

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