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Of course we'll invite everyone else to watch what happens because it wouldn't be a Fanfest without a live stream.

New Eden needs you to fight back against the Triglavians, so log in every day between 23 - 26 August and claim your free Skill Point rewards!

Mine is still the day when Band of Brothers died/disbanded while I was sitting in the train and checking with my mobile if my server could keep up with all the twitter messages that appeared around it. A big thanks to the best eve online community ever for the last 10 years, my family, personal friends and colleagues that helped my building and running it. Set your destination and add additional waypoints as you like.

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After some initial thoughts and after my kids went to bed I decided to join in.But rather then going black completely, I opted to just hide the sovereignty, kills/jumps and system related historical changes from the main page.This way you can feel the blackout but you don’t lose the ability to navigate into “unknown” 🙂 UPDATE: I’ve lifted the blackout for low-/highsec systems. CCP Games decided to change the local of nullsec systems into delayed mode.But the best thing is the friendships that has been build.Friendship is the best ship 🙂 Nothing comes closer!

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