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Read on to find out: Why did We Chat suddenly do this? The feature is only available for those with their We Chat language setting in Chinese.

This led many non-Chinese becoming completely confused as to what was going on. Last year We Chat wiped the floor with Alibaba group.

Students set up an ASKfm account and then used information on it to post similar content on a private Twitter account.

Both pages contained content that violated the services’ Terms of Service so we escalated the case first to ASKfm, and the account was deleted right away.

Even with copycat accounts popping up in real-time, as long as students (often student leaders) keep reporting them, problems like this get resolved.

Users had an extra option to post blurry pictures which can only be viewed by sending a lucky money red envelop. So far We Chat has said there are no plans to make the feature permanent.

I am writing this letter to inform you that i am running a wechat account in your esteemed organization for more than 2 years.

Wechat id: wxid_3i4hp47l5vbz12 E-mail id: [protected]@Phone number: [protected] Since the day when my iphone got disabled suddenly, i was failed to use my wechat account continuously for almost 5 months.

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A person with id (wannasexstrat) is harassing me very badly I agree I had chatted with him but never sent any of my nude pics now he is threatening that he has my normal pics from Facebook and he will modify them with some nude bodies and upload in porn sites and he is killing me daily I want to commit suicide of his whole account is not blocked for harassing girls.It turned out that more than two dozen students at that school had been solicited by this Snapchat account via chat.We sent the screenname on the account to Snapchat and it was down within hours. A middle school counselor contacted us saying a 7th grader reported being sexually harassed in the DIY music video app.He shared the screennames, which we passed along to Instagram, and all three accounts were deleted. A high school student adviser called saying that a parent and his daughter had come to her office to show her the (faceless) nude photo of a female student that had been shared with her, claiming it was her.She insisted it wasn’t, and she and her father wanted the harassment to stop.

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