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When these cards first came out, they could only be used at a bank automatic teller machine. Of course, there was also no internet, so I couldn’t check my account online either.On top of that, the debit card couldn’t be used at all ATM machines.This feature, however, is available with many prepaid offers out there, not just those aimed at young adults.The point is that for many families, a standard prepaid card has all the features that a teenager or college student needs.This card comes with options, one of which includes earning rewards on your teen’s purchases (just like mom and dad’s cash back credit card! Cash reloads start at .95, depending on the retailer, though it’s always free to add funds from a bank account.If you see yourself making reload deposits at retail locations, those fees will add up — so you should consider the next tier card, the Serve FREE Reloads card.For older and adult children, it can be a better idea to add them as an authorized user to your high-earning rewards credit card. Read our reviews of the best travel and cash back cards for more information.Related: Best Bitcoin Debit Cards A second feature is the ability to get multiple cards on the same account, which enables parents to transfer funds to the child’s card.

Regardless, it’s a common feature among the prepaid cards that are specifically marketed to teens.Parents have the ability to monitor and block purchases from any merchant they choose; so if your teen is spending too much money on his Xbox subscription, away that can go.Any family member can connect their bank account and transfer money into the current account, free of charge.I’ve personally met the founder of Fam Zoo, and this card is built from the ground up with teens and families in mind.With the Fam Zoo Prepaid Master Card, parents, and teens get a card.

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