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You still want to refrain from sharing too much of your own information.Customer support, especially outside of retail capacities, requires just a touch of anonymity.If you are going to get into sports and other debatable topics, sure you’re letting the customer lead the conversation.Talking too much about yourself can also make a customer feel like you’re not actually interested in them - you’re only interested in talking about your own life.While it’s certainly good to create customer relationships, do so based on the merits of your work - not so much on where you grew up, old acquaintances you have in common, or even your favorite sports team.One’s favorite team is just as easily another’s enemy, right?

When you top up by €20, or above, we’ll give you All you can eat data to surf the net without worrying about extra charges. We’ll send a text requesting a call to your mobile number.

Maybe they’re canceling your service because they no longer do the types of projects that had required your tool, by choice… Some customers might not open up about the real whys behind a product return, cancellation, request, or even a complaint.

Do: Remember you don’t know what’s behind the customer’s reasoning.

You, like anyone on your support team, are there to help the customer.

The services and solutions you provide should be the same as any that would be proposed by others on your team.

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