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There’s a different perception with toll free numbers. Vanity numbers work well but the good ones are usually taken or have a high premium. IMO phone numbers with repeating digits are the best phone numbers because they’re easy to remember and easy to dial quickly. Then submit it for a professional recording or do it in-house if you have a professional microphone. Let’s say you want to connect callers to a live agent.

Since vanity numbers can be hard to find, hotlines with repeating digits are ideal because they’re easy to remember and dial quickly. Your computer microphone will not provide the best sound quality, but it might suffice. You could route incoming calls directly to a live person instantly when they connect, and skip the whole greeting part.

There are several different ways you can set up a hotline, but let’s say you want to start with a greeting. Here is an example of a very simple call flow, where we first present callers with a greeting containing two options.

The first option (press 1) routes the caller to a Queue where they can wait to speak to the next available agent.

For example, you can add a conference, open/close hours filter, a pay-by-phone option, or just a simple forwarding to your mobile app. Telzio can send calls to IP phones, softphones, smartphones, and any other phone number in the world.

Three options for making/receiving calls from a Telzio hotline: Contrary to traditional phone service, a single phone number with Telzio can support an infinite number of simultaneous calls, so callers will never get a busy signal.

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