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Rand Paul, Tom Udall Introduce Bill to End the War in Afghanistan"; "Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

Now some polls suggest it's nearly as unpopular as the wildly unpopular ill-fated war in Iraq.

"Once they have the option of lesser penalties," Hasinoff writes, "prosecutors are more likely to press charges—not only against teenagers who distribute private images without permission, but also against those who sext consensually." In fact, more prosecution is the avowed goal of some legislators who sponsor sexting-specific bills….

While about two dozen states have passed laws addressing this issue, the typical approach is to create a new misdemeanor offense for minors whose sexting violates the letter of bans on child pornography without victimizing anyone.

As Brian Doherty pointed out here last year, "if you're assessing how serious a peacenik Trump is prepared to be, you should contemplate some hard facts about Washington's longest-lasting active war: the U.

S.-led operations in Afghanistan."According to an interesting analysis that Niall Mc Carthy of Statista has done of Air Force Central Command data, 2018—the first full year that the Trump administration has run the Afghanistan coalition—saw in just its first nine months more bombs dropped on Afghanistan than any other year in the history of the war: 5,213.

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