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It’s late morning, and Peter Rudolph, the executive chef of Madera in the five-star Rosewood Sand Hill hotel in Silicon Valley, is commuting from San Francisco to Menlo Park.Granted, he has just won a Award of Excellence, but he is still curious as to why a Starbucks server half an hour away has tattooed himself with the hotel’s name.Go down to basement 1 and you will find something like the Chinese equivalent of a classic US greasy spoon.It’s obviously a 24 hour restaurant, the food looks questionable but it does have ~ USD Tsing Tao beers which was a huge improvement from the over-priced gogo bar.The same friend of Charlie’s told us about Fernando’s told us if there was one thing not to miss it was surely The Basement Restaurant Hooker Parade.While you can’t watch it forever, it is definitely at least two or three beers worth of entertainment.Granted we were only there on a week day and it could have been an “off night” but still, given all the hype it was pretty lame.

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They were so wasted they couldn’t give us a coherent explanation of where they came from or where we should go so we continued on in search of a party on our own.We didn’t find much at all short of a bar advertising “ladies night” with “free drinks for ladies” which turned out to be a small, upstairs gogo bar full of Eastern European hookers of varying degrees from the highly questionable up to decently hot.The drinks were over priced from about USD up to the sky’s the limit.The first big let down turned out to be that often the games we wanted to play, especially craps, were either missing entirely or there were only one or two tables in most casinos.Acres of smokey gaming floors, mostly full of weird games you’ve never seen before and tons of Chinese people that look like they’re having a miserable time – that’s how I would sum up the gambling scene in Macau.

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