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They might also place an ad in an online newspaper or join a chat application like Tinder or Whats App that facilitates cheating.

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You could be at work, away for the weekend with your friends or on a business trip, which opens the window of opportunity for some hanky panky to take place, maybe in your very own marital bed.

Even though they are clearly "hurting you" by carrying on with each other behind your back, your best friend and your wife may go to great lengths to conceal an affair with you, especially if he is married too and especially if there are kids involved.

However, the two of them may be very addicted to their betrayal of you and not able to stop This is another one of those situations where your wife is likely to meet up with her ex on Facebook.

Cheating like this can be accidental, but it can lead to an annual agreement.

Sometimes the holiday that is taken is to see someone she met on Facebook or online.

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