How to spot a player in dating

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Posted by Sandy Weiner in dating a dangerous man, dating in midlife, red flags in relationships | 11 comments — One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes is “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” The best time to recognize a man’s true character is when you first meet. One of the advantages to dating after 50 is that I no longer go into a relationship with my eyes shut to the true nature of a man.On a first date, you’re both hopefully on your best behavior, but your true character leaks out. No more wishful thinking or projecting what I hope lies beneath the surface. Two years ago, I met a man online who was smart, attentive, and very sexy.

how to spot a player in dating-23

how to spot a player in dating-23

People often behave this way because of poor self-esteem.I’ve learned to accept the man I date for who he is today, not who he might become if only… He lived about an hour away so after a few phone calls, we decided to Skype to get a physical/energetic sense of each other. He told me he found me to be very attractive and sexy.I enjoyed his compliments, but was a little concerned that “sexy” was the first thing on his mind.Players often use mind games to convince their dates that they are interested when they are actually emotionally unavailable.They are usually charming and may sweep you off your feet with their romantic talk and gestures.

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