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This isn’t the case at the Psychopathic Records headquarters.

I stood in the room and took the time to look at all of the pictures.

This opened my mind and my eyes to all the things possible at Big Ballas. I can learn things and get some knowledge on things? My best friend Steve and I became friends because of the Insane Clown Posse.” I held up the charms. I appreciate this and letting you guys have me on the show.” Kegan and Rude Boy showed my departed friend and I love and respect. After another glass of Faygo, I continued walking through random hallways.

Written By: Sid Jones Photos Courtesy Of Curtis Bolt Big Ballas was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We were greeted with old school merch, along with new merch. Jerseys from the Wraith era were 175.00 and the t-shirts did not exceed a 20 dollar bill.

I got to live out my childhood dream of being inside one of the most legendary buildings in hip hop. To the left of us, a stage set up and folding chairs were arranged.

With that said, I wondered just how much of the building we truly got to see. I think old school juggalos will appreciate this, but we got to see Chad standing in the corner of the room.

After hearing Jumpsteady’s stories and watching him interact, left his office and grabbed myself a glass of Black Cherry Faygo on the rocks and a delicious cookie. We got to walk into the prop room where the costumes and props are kept. I was told the history of this legendary mannequin and the role he played at one of the gatherings.

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