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In February of 1897, the Intercolonial Railway opened new immigration quarters at Pier 2.

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The bread was soft and spongy and packed in wax paper, the butter was all salty, there was only soft process cheese, instead of smoked and cured hard sausage they only had what they called baloney and peanut butter, and many other novelties that we didn't even understand. My parents died in Penticton, BC in February 1988 within three days of each other.With all the hardships we went trough, my parents never complained. From the seven people that arrived on Pier 21 on May 15th, 1951, we are now 57 proud Canadians. Mohammad October 13, 2016 I look back on how Canada has changed me and my values.I think the hardest part of emigrating was changing the way I believed things should be done.The new facility opened in the fall of 1915.[16] The 1915 building at Pier 2 was a major improvement on prior quarters, and was comparable to the quarters that were eventually developed at Pier 21 in size – but integrated in a single building. An immigration officer in Toronto told me to seek a job as a domestic, as I would never get one as a teacher. The confusion was how will this country be for us, is it worth leaving everything back, the settled life, luxury and employment to face an unknown world of no one known to us.It could accommodate two ships at once, and improved passenger safety during the transit from ship to rail by housing sunken tracks inside as well as directly beside the shed. Going through rigorous immigration procedures and exploring the city to get the PR card, SIN card, opening bank accounts, housing and schooling relying on the internet and immigration flyers was an amazing experience, the smooth completion of all these procedures made us understand that Canada is no more a land of unknown. People here are very warm and friendly offering every help they could.

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