Interracial dating in jacksonville fl katt williams internet dating imdb

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Many ethic groups just want their sons or daughters to intermingle within their own and really harbor no malice against those of the opposite ethnic group.

Infact, I recently read a study that indicated that multi-ethnic communities often lacked trust and communication.

That would be the larger cities, more soo just the South Florida Counties (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade) as they are much more diverse than the other parts of Florida.

No doubt even in big cities there are places that a white/black people for instance aren't welcome.

I will refrain from making any judgements on south Florida's tolerance for different ethnic groups.

And the klan in towns in north florida are also small fish but in a small pond. You would think that any place in this country an interracial couple went, they would be welcomed today, but it isn't so yet (it may take 100 years till we get to that point) because people are scared for some reason, of something.

Yet you would never associate racism with NYC like you do in the south.

One place I would recommend all non-white people not venture very far is the Ocala National Forest or Fort Mcoy.

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