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I always thought Donghae (Super Junior) was quite a spammer on Instagram but nobody beats Big Bang’s TOP I guess who I started to follow since yesterday…LOL Donghae also updates in English at times including some cute grammar mistakes sometimes which is so cool Nu’est are my morning must see everyday I must admit I check Ren’s more than once a day Ren https://instagram.com/bornthismg/ JR https://instagram.com/pockyjr/ Aaron https://instagram.com/nuestaron/ Baekho https://instagram.com/realbaekho/ Minhyun https://instagram.com/optimushwang/ B.I have watched this drama many times...reminds me of the students I taught in area close to Namwon...(withholding name of town)..reminds me of the nice people I met there and all the problems and joys they experience... ...also great acting by Han Chae Young...great casting them together..the whole cast..so terrific! I started like you when i watch your drama (sassy girl) when im still young.. The last time i watched him was in delightful girl choon hyang and witch yoo hee. I'm hoping to see him in a drama where he is the main lead but when he chose blessing of the sea as a comeback it really did disappointed me.

she is very good in acting, i love her role in "A Man Called God" as a reporter with actor "Song il Gook" They both made a perfect couple. And to the hater right below me (nani); Don't hate her too much, if your talking about her face looking so plastic, why wont you get plastic surgery yourself if you're so jealous of it. But he is just as sweet and adorable as ever:) People might say terrible rumors about his interest in fashion. that was really good and give me a new spirit especially i will face my exams for university, thanks for give me a better spirit:). oh yeah, even i was your fan since 2005, i just know that our birthday was same. you can make me give a give love for you, even you are an actor that impossible for me to know you a lot. please come to indonesia :), so i can see you not in a long distance, really love you jae hee. the best drama for me = sassy girl chun hyang hello! ♥ ♥ Saranghae ♥ ♥ hello jae hee, i am from indonesia, i really- really love you , i don't know why, i always thinking about you, i wanna meet with you , altough just in dream, and i love your drama you hee the witch,,, you are so cool. He's not as gorgeous as Lee Dong Wook, not as smart faced as Hyun Bin, not as charismatic as Cha Seung Won, or not as hilarious as Cha Tae Hyun. oh yeah, even i was your fan since 2005, i just know that our birthday was same.This was a widespread investigation beyond of celebrities but since they are famous once the list was released of the rich and famous being told to cough up owed money their names were picked up by the media.I don’t feel sorry for either but it’s an easy remedy, pay those taxes and don’t do it again.

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