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Chuck Taylor, head of the Water Resources Section, is establishing a network of groundwater monitoring stations across Kentucky.Seven of the wells in the network are drilled into karst aquifers and one karst spring is currently being monitored.Hydrogeologist Junfeng Zhu is making progress on using newly available Li DAR terrain elevation data to map previously unrecognized sinkholes in parts of Kentucky.

So I showed up there at 6 in the morning to perfect waves but no sign of Tommy. Then I hear later that he’s killing it at Hammonds, 5 minutes from my house. He just kind of did what he wanted.” For four years, Metyko watched the symbiotic relationship between Curren and Merrick take hold. Metyko continued to document Curren, Merrick, and the rest of the CI team throughout the early ‘80s—a time of tremendous transition for them all—before heading back to Texas to take care of his ill father.This allows the Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer Service to better manage its water resources during a pollution incident.Other ongoing work is a hydrogeologic monitoring report by Jim Currens on the Royal Spring or Cane Run watershed/springshed.“I still have a CI brochure from before I moved out there and it was all 7’2″ pintails with three stringers.But Channel Islands was the progressive brand of that area and it was on the brink of becoming a world powerhouse.” In the late ‘70s, Merrick was starting to gain the attention of the surf world after shaping boards for 1977 World Champion Shaun Thomson and began attracting a cadre of talented team riders, working with aerial pioneer Davey Smith, future pro Willy Morris, and, of course, the quiet style-master-in-the making, Tom Curren.

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