Lava hookup

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By this point we know there is decent signal strength coming from the antenna from when we set up the first TV.

For example 1 port will has -7d B while the other 2 outputs show a -3.5d B.The first time someone installs an antenna, they typically think they need an amplifier. It’s not always the case, and in fact an amplifier can sometimes overload a strong signal causing reception issues. Consider it a tool for fixing reception issues should we encounter them later.For this step, we simply need coaxial cable and a splitter. This cable is still sold and can be found within many houses in the U. I recommend staying away from this older coaxial cable and opt to use the RG-6U standard.A 3-way splitter provides 33% of the signal strength to each TV.However daisy chaining 2 splitters will provide 50% of the signal to the TV connected to the first splitter in the chain, while the 2 TVs connected to the second splitter only receive 25% of the signal strength.

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