Lc dating justin bobby

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"I said, 'Look, I would really like your daughter to do this.' Just out of respect I did it…I sat with them and told them the story…Lauren came in the door 20 minutes later and we pitched it to her and I think she was really, really excited."And the rest is Heidi and Lauren's close friendship?100 percent real as they met during Lauren's one semester at San Francisco's Academy of Art University.

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Did Justin Bobby really hate being on camera that much? 6 million Instagram followers, multiple New York Times best-selling books and a lifestyle empire later, it's hard to imagine anyone ever doubted Lauren was a star.

When I decided to come on board, I made a decision and I was like, ‘OK, this is my job and I'm going to separate my Hills life from my real life.'"To bring Kristin back into the mix with a bang, they decided to have her make her debut at Heidi and Spencer's wedding, and didn't tell Lauren what was going on.

"We knew as producers that when Lauren sees her, that's going to be a great moment," Scott said.

"She just walked up to me in class, said hello and offered to share a cab home," Lauren told —I was a fan!

"And for Whitney, things were very real—at least at the start of the show."Way at the beginning it was very much like, we're going to put you in real scenarios and not really tell you what's going on, which is how I think they were able to get everybody to be themselves at first," she told Well, scouted is the better word here, but Audrina casually swimming up to the girls at their apartment complex's pool in the premiere was no accident, as the producers had pegged their neighbor as a cast member weeks earlier.

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