Leonardo dicaprio dating gossip

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I'm also thinking of young Tobey and some super-short bf with cute red locks he allegedly once had. Also, Lukas is indeed allegedly an ex-Heroin addict. Different strokes for different folks, I guess but I haven't found Lukas adorable since Rambling Rose. Lainey Gossip used to be on board that Leo was gay and the models were all beards (and getting tons of publicity for themselves in the process) but this was before she started shilling on behalf of celeb publicists.

R6, I remember that interview - though I don't remember it being Craig Chester.

It may have been; I honestly don't remember other than it was an actor-screenwriter, so Chester fits. He is an actor who broke into the business more than 20 years ago as a minor. but Multiple has had a revolving door of girlfriends, One-Time has been in few suspiciously beardy relationships, and Male Friend spends an awful lot of time in gay bars in Weho!

But it was in an early issue of Instinct magazine in the mid to late 90s. During one weekend in January, this multiple Oscar nominee and this one-time Oscar nominee spent some time together. The Male Friend wasn’t at Multiple’s that weekend, but he quickly found out that Multiple was spending the weekend with another man.

he was very happy to see him and then when he notcie that zac brought along Vanessa Hugens he quickly bolted out of there.“And he was like, ‘Dude, what are you doing tomorrow? He’s been nice enough to hang out with me a few times.”- Zac As much as I want him to be, and as tasty as he looks, I don't think Zac Efron is gay.Brad Pitt isn’t going to be the best man at Leonardo Di Caprio’s “shotgun wedding” to Camila Morrone, despite a made-up tabloid report.Di Caprio’s girlfriend isn’t pregnant and he’s not headed down the aisle with her. According to , not only is Di Caprio set to wed his girlfriend of nearly two years, but she’s also expecting his baby.No one got on or off and the two were rarely seen on the deck.This guy was so authentic that I have always considered it to be my best piece of gossip.

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