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But 1969 was also the height of the "Movement", the conglomeration of anti-Vietnam War, pro-Black, pro-Women, pro-Hippy, anti-Capitalist left-wing politics which formed an entire counter-culture in the late 1960s'.

A number of Gay men and women were very influenced by the Movement and were able to use its resources - including Alternate U., a sort of general radical "university".

Since that date there has been nothing legal, per se, about a Gay bar.

What is illegal about New York City's Gay bars today is the Mafia (or syndicate) stranglehold on them.

Legitimate Gay businessmen are afraid to open decent Gay bars with a healthy social atmosphere (as opposed to the hell-hole atmosphere of places typified by the Stonewall) because of fear of pressure from the unholy alliance of the Mafia and elements in the Police Dept. We at the Homophile Youth Movement (HYMN) believe that the only way this monopoly can be broken is through the action of Homosexual men and women themselves.

We obviously cannot rely on the various agencies of government who for years have known about this situation but who have refused to do anything about it.

GLF went public in August 1969 when its members attended an anti-war, anti deaft demonstration in Hiroshima-Nagasaki Week.

A common struggle, however, will bring common triumph.

It urged people to be open and to wear a lavender armband. Three or four hundred people showed up at what was the first Post-Stonewall gay pride rally.

There was a banner - two male symbols linked and two female symbols linked.

They show both an intense immediate awareness of the historic turning point for gays and lesbians and reveal real attempts to engage in analysis as well as protest.

The nights of Friday, June 27, 1969 and Saturday, June 28, 1969 will go down in history as the first time that thousands of Homosexual men and women went out into the streets to protest the intolerable situation which has existed in New York City for many years --- namely, the Mafia (or syndicate) control of this of this city's Gay bars in collusion with certain elements in the Police Dept. The demonstrations were triggered by a Police raid on the Stonewall Inn late Friday night, June 27th.

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