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Because they are corresponding to the identical entries in the first array (100 and 100) which couldn't be sorted at first time." When I was working on a search engine, that had to order the results in PHP by multiple arguments, I got stuck on the issue of multisort erasing your (numeral) indexes for a while.Sometimes, it is important to keep these indexes intact.So, using the above data, we can perform this sort instead: array_multisort works normally in php 5.3, but it forces arguments to be references.

If it is an array, as would be the case in multidimensional arrays, it will pass the whole child array as one parameter.

"This could be misunderstood cause a sort as numbers in descending order will be 1, 1, "2", 2, 3.

My proposal is as follows (in a best english should be great ^^) :"In this example, [...] The second will contain 1, 3, "2", 2, 1 (sorted as well as first one, except for values 3 and "2" sorted as numbers, in descending order).

So all sorting arrays have to be collected into new one as a references to array variables: This (requiring arguments to be a reference) is not actually a problem since source array will not be sorted otherwise. Don't forget to destroy $values Array variable if you use it over each array_multisort() argument processing iteration.

If you don't do it, all array_multisort() arguments will contain the same array: And the last important thing :)Collect sorting arrays somewhere.

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