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It can be difficult to find the right type of man or woman to date between all of your duties.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. .claimed his 8 yr old son Scott injured his leg playing soccer, and he sold his car, but still needed 0 to get him necessary medical treatment. This man is relentless and will say anything to convince you!!! I recieve in the mail Americian Express Gift Cheques, for the sum of .500.00 U. A he want me to cash them for him and then send the rest off to his son in NIGERIA, but I didnt do that I took them to my bank and told them they were fake and their investing whether their stolen or fake, I have not heard back from the bank as of yet.

Form of search will help you to find the most suitable relationships from common flirt to real love.

He is a lieutenant colonel in the army and stationed at Fort Campbell.

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Well , i really need to stop here for now so that i can find someone to married if you want to meet you can hit me up on scott_lawrence? He told me that he is widow and he was orphan at very young age, his son is 18year old and I have spoken to him on his yaoo ID [/list] I_ [email protected] email is Bill Jones business email - [email protected] asked me for loan of 0 to help his son out with the cash as he was short of money his son also ask me for money and I told him I didnt have it. Pledging that his heart will die without me and the only thing has left to do is buy his airplane tickets for him and his son and he will be here to start his new life with me. I thought it was finally my turn for happiness and instead I got kicked in the gut and my face shoved in the mud.

Here is the two photo I have of Alias Bill Jones Alias Bill Jones yahoo ID It is monday the 29January 2007 I have have not spoken to him as yet and the very last word I had with him was I told him he was leir and I had check out this site to see if he was registered and I didnt beleive a word of what he was saying to me and that he was a Conman like all the other males I had meet on He said that he was very upset and that he had to go ( I bailed him up and said every time something serious comes up in conversation you have to go how convent. I can only hope that this guy puts an end to it OR that some other unsuspecting woman checks this site out first before falling for him. I have given every piece of information I have on this guy to any agency that would listen.

Am nice and caring man , honest, easy going, kind, friendly, truthful, faithful, and trust worthy and same i want my woman to be also, so that we both can live happily... He always had an excuse why he couldnt get me a picture.

That's why we've created an Army dating and matchmaking service that is specific to Army men and women.

Here you'll find a variety of singles with the qualities that you want and deserve in a partner.

I am just wondering how many other women has the male con up in the short time I have been speaking to him :? I always saw the news reports on TV and thought how stupid one must be to fall for this. Fortunately, I have an uncle that works for the CIA and a cousin that works for Homeland security so I was taken quite seriously. i hope life is treating you perfectly okay.i was going through millions profile on where i found your profile's quite interesting, i just got accross your profiles on here today and it really caught my interest cos the way you're looking so attractive fascinated me so much and it seems you're a princess.....Angel that was sent down from heaven.......which really touched in my heart and soul that i can't go over without contacting you...

I wonder whether I will hear back from him he didnt like it when I was calling him a con men and lier. He says he lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his mother and 8 yr old son, Scott. he claimed his son Scott was injured while playing soccer, and that in Nigeria, they will not give you treatment unless you can pay up front. I hope there wont be anymore of us because it is so humiliating to go through all this. Male 46 years old BROOKLYN, New York United States Hello pretty angel...... i understand everyone on the dating site is seeking for an outstanding relationship that counts.other words a perfect match...a friend of mine introduced me to online dating some few mothts Ago,am giving this a try though i have been a member for 2 months and few weeks but i have,nt been consistent on logging on, or searching until now.reason is that am too busy at the moment..i have a project in progress which i am curently executing in Middle East (Dubai) own understanding, distance is never a factor in relationship as far as am never considered at a factor matter how far we are from each other i believe love will always find its way out.i simply dont know what you are looking for,i cant tell if we are compartible either...i want you to know that staying in touch is neccesary in the sense of introduction and knowing each other better, and see where we get to with this.i really do like to know more about you..was my choice writting you specificaly after going through your potrait,i had the feelings that we can be great couples indeed...i am so confident giving you my email adress where we can stay in,ask what ever you like to know and more for my pictures????

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