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In the beginning, I was introduced to men wearing lingerie by a wonderful man who hesitantly revealed his proclivity towards wearing lingerie after several dates.I don't know if I would have responded so well on the first date, but by the time he told me I had already begun to like him—and I wanted to get to know him better.I hope you like the pictures :) There is so many foot men out there in this land. I'm wearing a vintage petty, petticoat...old and collectable, It shows up thru out my photo stream.i put my tootsies up on a pillow and shot the bottom. Should be framed and put in a gallery, dont you think? Who knew that the beautiful exhibit by Paola Mills at Nitroglobus didn't intend on everyone being nude to view it!Then I did adobe special effects to get this rather odd shot. I just thought, you know, since I was there and the theme is ' Nudes' I'd get into the spirit of it, but.........that's not the way it works!

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The man then replies "When I came in my old clothes, you wouldn't let me in, so I assume it is my clothes you have invited to your home, and not me." It's the man under the panties that counts.After all, a big hairy man wearing a camisole, bra, and stretching out a pair of ladies panties in all the wrong places isn't exactly the image most women want to have of their boyfriend. But then I got up the courage to touch him whilst he was wearing his lingerie, and oh, dear lord.I'm not going to lie and say I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. There is something about the feel of satin sliding over a hard muscled body that is just amazingly sensual.I hope you like the pictures :) " My longing to Paris MINIMAL Store backrground seen from the window.What an inspiration that backdrop and flat gave me. Each is unique, beautiful and seem like having its own personality. The moment I saw the Diamonds Harlequin mask I saw this picture forming slowly in my head.

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