Millionaire dating uk who is brendan fraser dating now

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What I’ve realised through dating such a rich woman is that the most impressive thing in another person isn’t money at all, it’s success.And these two things don’t necessarily go hand in silk-gloved hand with each other. Call me impatient, but just having ambition or potential at the age of 40 isn’t enough. And by this I don’t mean having coined your first million; I mean you should be certain of what you want in life, and be well on the way to getting it.Well, one reason, of course, is that she doesn’t know about the last part of the sentence that you’ve just read.Another is that, despite her not revealing her wealth in her dating profile, I figured having looked at the quality of her clothes in her photos that I should up my game a bit beyond a happy-hour bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in Soho.Petite, blonde and with a penchant for dressing in red, Anna’s success is as much down to her (seemingly effortless) ability to charm people as it is about possessing stone-cold business chutzpah.Having not seen her cut a deal in the boardroom, I can’t attest to how much she plays hardball at work.Anna was (fruitlessly) looking for a morally upstanding man of strong values in a dating scene of bankers, property developers and the inherited rich.(Insert your own needles and haystack joke here.) I was, equally fruitlessly, looking for a happy and contented woman in a dating scene awash with bored mature students, frustrated ‘undiscovered’ actors and depressed public-sector apparatchiks, who would tell me they were going to get started on writing their first novel ‘any day now’.

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We both said ‘no’ to those last respective offers, by the way.Anna is one of the few people I’ve met while dating in the last few years who isn’t either unhappy with their career or, more commonly, still talking in their early forties about what they’d like to do with their lives.Similarly – and nobody is more surprised by this than me – I am, in Anna’s eyes, one of the few men she’s met of late who has some sort of moral ethical code beyond continual selfish self-reward.Anna might be rare in having both the money and the happiness, but it’s the success not the salary that really attracts me to her.For somebody with the busiest schedule of any human I know, she gives our relationship an amazing amount of thought and effort.

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