Mint not updating us bank

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No system is perfect, but I think Mint is as close to budgeting perfection as possible.

My tricks may not work for you, but I encourage you to spend time figuring out a system that works with your spending—Mint is a tool that is more robust than you may think.

You can set reminders to pay your bills and get warnings when your account balances are too low to pay them.

While available at one time, bill pay is no longer a feature in Mint.

Helpful personal finance tools such as budgeting, transaction tracking, categorization, and bill reminders make Mint ideal for many people, but the absence of an account reconciliation feature makes the app unusable for some.

The app is periodically updated with new, useful features, such as credit score tracking.

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Most of these categories are where your discretionary spending falls anyway, so overly segmenting the categories does not provide much more useful information.If you see transactions show up in the wrong category, you don’t have to manually fix them. Simply pick a transaction, select “edit details,” and make any name or category changes that you want.This new “rules” section appears when you edit a transaction, allowing you to check a box to make sure all future transactions like that will automatically show up in the category you selected.The app will automatically suggest budget amounts for you based on an analysis of your spending history in each category, but you can adjust those amounts or create your own budgets as well.Budgets can be set weekly, monthly, every few months, or once.

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