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Impressions Directed by: Nicholas Judt (NYC Films) 'Impressions' is an abstract tour through one teenage boy's memories of growing up in New York City.The film follows this boy as he retraces key moments from his past in hope of once more reconnecting with his past self before progressing towards a future identity.El Firulete Directed by: Carlos Algara (Latino) In 1950's Argentina, on any given night, a simple man meets the woman of his dreams in a bar.

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Thursday April 25 8PM Intersection Directed by: Julian Cornwell (Drama) INTERSECTION follows a young man as he treads through a romantic whirlwind he's unsure he's willing to endure.

The population of Barcelona is devastated by the continued indiscriminate bombing of fascist aviation.

Something unknown is hidden in the darkness of the refuge 115, hidden and waiting to take one by one people are hidden from external danger.

THREE HEARTS TO BEAT Directed by: Arthur Valverde (Drama) France At eighteen years old, Sarah is subject to a daily rhythm by the violence of his alcoholic father and the needs of Maxime, his autistic brother.

She is happy only when she see Nicolas, her boyfriend, and when she reminds her childhood memories.

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