Non muslim man dating muslim women

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The next point is that men are permitted to marry chaste Muslim, Jewish or Christian women when certain duties are upheld.

We generally accept this at face value as our right to marry.

Again, this is not thought to be an issue for Muslim men marrying outside of the faith because, the patriarchal household is accepted as the norm.

Thus, as part of his duties, a Muslim husband is expected to provide for his family, uphold the rights of his wife and not prevent her from practicing her faith.

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That is pretty straightforward and not to be contested.

The family lineage is passed through the father so if Muslim women marry outside the Muslim community this would, somehow, impede the growth of the Ummah as a whole.

2) Religion stems from the father Children are most often recognized by their father’s name, culture, traditions, customs, beliefs, etc.

What People Say: Traditional Thought Traditionally, the answer has been no, the reverse situation cannot be assumed for Muslim women.

The argument is that if men are expressly given permission to marry women of the Book then women must also be given express permission in order to do the same. Many provide justifications as to why this traditional view has been upheld.

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