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Divergent user preferences—for hook-ups, for long-term relationships, for one-night stands—can result in unpleasant interactions when expectations collide.

*** It’s common for women on dating apps to receive unsolicited sexual advances from male users.

In 2009, capitalizing on smartphone geo-location settings, bisexual men connect with other men in their area.

The subsequent launch of Tinder in 2012 revolutionized the dating scene by turning romance into a game: Users rifle through the profiles of potential flames like playing cards, swiping “left” to pass on a person, or “right” to express interest.

Even Adshade, who has a Tinder account of her own, has been flabbergasted by what men have said to her on the platform.

Most users can brush off an offensive message or two, but faced with relentless or vindictive advances, the impact can be severe.

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Adshade is an expert on the economics of love and holds a “techno-optimist” perspective, arguing that it’s hard to see how expanding the choice pool can have an overall negative impact on user satisfaction.A 2016 Consumers’ Research study found that 57 percent of female respondents, compared to only 21 percent of men, reported feeling harassed on the dating apps they used. I., told me that men she knows from school will use Tinder to demand sexual favours, saying things to her online that she believes they would never repeat to her face.Anecdotal evidence seems to support these findings. When Bianca, from Outaouais, Que., told a man on Tinder that she wasn’t looking for a one-night stand, he told her that “all guys just wanted sex” and that she was “so hot that every guy would want to jump [her].” Asma, an 18-year-old who lives in Mississauga, Ont., has received graphic messages on Tinder from men who are significantly older than she is.Users who consented to being interviewed spoke to me about what they’d gone through and expressed their views on what apps could do to make their spaces safer.There’s no doubt dating apps have a role to play in promoting safe romantic interactions, and in many cases, platforms have taken their responsibilities to heart.

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