Online masterbation meeting

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It's not surprising a lot of people are left utterly confused with what the term cheating actually means—and those opinions tend to vary among genders to boot.

Regardless of all the different dishonorable ways you can crush your partner's heart, boundaries still exist.

On Wednesday, Info War — a site known for peddling conspiracy theories and fake news — treated viewers to something very real …

footage of Texas Representative Joe Barton masturbating.

If a person finds this offensive to the point of considering it actual cheating, they probably need to get their self-confidence in check before proceeding in life.

Take for example, the slippery case of emotional adultery.“The photos are out, it’s not just a photo, it’s a video. Without even showing his hands, we just show his face looking down.” “I’m not trying to go after Barton or anybody, I’m simply reporting,” he added.The recent backlash against Megyn Kelly and NBC for interviewing Alex Jones has renewed the spotlight on the host of conservative show "Info Wars." Kelly said in a statement Tuesday that she wanted to interview Jones because of his ties with President Donald Trump. “I said this was given third party to Laura Loomer.” Also Read: Watch Alex Jones Get Coffee Tossed in His Face by Seattle Pedestrian (Video) The pair then proceeded to speak about their shared view that this was not a case of revenge porn, but was a legitimate news story.“It’s just shocking to see mainline Republicans try to spin it like we’re Democrats or we’re bad people for covering this,” said Jones.

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