Outlook calendar not updating mobileme

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It also offered online email, contacts and calendar, online photo galleries, syncing of Web bookmarks and 20 gigabytes of online storage.

The main idea was to replicate for consumers the kind of seamless, over-the-air email, plus contact and calendar updating, available to corporate users via systems like Microsoft’s (MSFT) Exchange.

In both versions of IE, my tests showed that another Mobile Me feature, bookmark syncing, didn’t work as advertised. For example, you can upload photos and videos to your Mobile Me galleries directly from Apple’s i Photo and i Movie programs.

Some bookmarks didn’t appear at all; others were listed alphabetically instead of in their original order. On Windows, you have to upload these using the Mobile Me Web site. If you have a mixed group of Macs and PCs, and your Mac’s calendar isn’t named Calendar, its information won’t sync with the main calendar in Outlook.

And each Mobile Me account works with an unlimited number of computers, i Phones and Touches. While Mobile Me works with Windows, it works better with Macs.You are able to update and manage all your shared Calendar folders offline or using any Internet connection.It is an easy and effective solution for remote companies and groups.I was able to add, delete or edit a contact or calendar entry on one device, and see these changes almost immediately on all the others, and on the Mobile Me Web site.The Web-based photo gallery, which can also house videos, worked fine on both Windows and Mac, and I was able to upload photos to it from my i Phone.

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