Overcoming shyness and dating

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It helps here to think back to times when you’ve received a compliment about your appearance – what feedback did you receive? Work to accentuate those positives and walk into a date loving the parts of your body you are proud of.Before entering a sexual situation ensure you’ve double-checked your myths about sex and intimacy.Kissing, holding hands, sharing intimate thoughts and vulnerabilities is a key to intimacy.Talk about your feelings and express your sexual needs and wants.From a sexual perspective, examine your needs – what turns you on? For example, are you PDA lover (public displays of affection)?Does nothing excite you more than walking down the street holding hands and being super-close?Shyness often shows itself in dating through an avoidance of relationships and dates.It can mean you are too frightened or nervous to speak to someone you fancy or feel ‘sexually shy’ in bed.

Women often complain about a lack of foreplay in the bedroom and this includes talking.

Ditch the idea about the perfect body and marathon sex sessions. If you feel pressure to ‘perform’ then consider if this is the right person for you. They will be compassionate and kind and listen to you.

You need someone kind, affectionate and soulful, not a measuring stick. They will accept your vulnerabilities and insecurities and not seek to change you.

Perhaps you’ve had little experience within relationships and now find yourself wanting to meet someone.

Many people concentrate solely on their careers in the 20s and don’t seek a relationship until their early 30s.

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