Pl sql updating multiple columns

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Question: I want to update multiple rows in my table, and I need to understand how to update multiple columns.I already know how to update multiple rows using my where clause, but I don't see how to update multiple columns.Since you can't list more than one table in the Oracle UPDATE statement, you can use the Oracle EXISTS clause.The "tiresome way" is standard SQL and how mainstream RDBMS do it. You will be given questions that you need to solve.After each exercise, we provide the solution so you can check your answer. Which rows is to be update, it is decided by a condition. The UPDATE statement can be written in following form: My SQL SYNTAX: If you want to UPDATE with SELECT in My SQL, you can use this syntax: Let's take an example having two tables.

I am using oracle database and have a situations to update fields from some other tables. In this article we’ll explore how to use the UPDATE statement.We discuss some best practices, limitations, and wrap-up with several examples.PUT_LINE ('YOU QUALIFY FOR A DISCOUNT OF 30%'); INV_ID|INV_DATETIME |INV_SUBTOTAL|INV_DISCOUNT| INV_TOTAL ----------|------------------------------|------------|------------|----------- 100|14-NOV-12 .918000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 101|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 102|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 103|18-MAR-12 .000000 | .00| .00| .00 104|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 105|12-JUN-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 106|06-AUG-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 107|04-MAY-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 108|29-NOV-12 .000000 | .00| .00| .50 109|18-MAR-12 .000000 | .00| .00| .00 108 is suppose to be 20% of 25, the discount amount is correct but the inv_total is not, it should be , not .50 109 is suppose to be 30% of 50 the discount amount is correct but inv_total should be 103 calculates fine, which is 10% discount It's perfectly possible to update multiple columns in the same statement, and in fact your code is doing it.So why does it seem that "INV_TOTAL is not updating, only the inv_discount"?

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