Platform escapement clock dating

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Heres a link – you cant go wrong with this company and Paul there makes up a lot of his own chemicals to do an uber job.

Hes well known in the clock trade and its “where those who know go” Overall I have to say that the best advice is to send the clock to me for a service because Ill do the springs for you as well.

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My point is that it needs come out even if you can get the movement out without doing so because its fragile and gets easily caught by the snaggy and nature of clock movements generally. Ill come to how you can avoid this but generally speaking you need to get the plates apart for the following reasons.Once you’ve soaked the movement top in soapy water then do you can to carefully brush off any dirt with a clean paint brush or ideally jet spray of some sort.You want to avoid putting anything rigid inside the movement as you will snag or force something and its game over.Ok once the hands are off you can remove the movement.If you look in the back of the clock you will see its held in by four screws, one at each corner that are normally on extenstion arms.

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