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The thing is that my real job usually causes too many questions to be asked and provokes people to come to false conclusions. By my brief reflections, we stopped at veterinary-herpetologist (this is the one about reptiles).Everyone agreed that it’s consistent with my personality, and at the same time there is nothing to ask or rant about.

Well finally, the most, in my opinion, insidious lie that you can make on Tinder is to put the notorious phrase, “open-minded,” in your profile description.

One man, in spite of a long and detailed conversation, admitted that he had rejuvenated himself a bit with a younger age at the second meeting–taking away four years or so.

He even said that it was a strategically acquitted marketing ploy. Another friend of mine also uses incorrect age information, which became outdated six years ago.

In their turn, interviewed men admitted that they would unlikely be interested in talking to a sales-girl, secretary, fast-food restaurant worker, yoga teacher, psychologist or even a coach.

Age is another popular reason to lie in the Tinder sphere.

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