Poor credit debt consolidating mortgages

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When choosing the right loan for you, you need to consider interest rates, origination fees, early payoff fees, and minimum credit scores.Follow along to learn more about these factors and find the debt consolidation loan that best meets your financial needs.This lender has generally good ratings from customers.While it had some bad publicity due to actions of its former CEO, the company seems to have turned a corner and now ranks among the top debt consolidation loan options.If you want more information, you can read through our full review of Discover Bank.Best Egg offers some of the best interest rates for high credit borrowers, and even for some borrowers with lower credit scores.That could help you consolidate and pay off your debt for good.

While it can take up to a week to get funded, if you can get a lower interest rate here and no origination fees, it might be the best lender for maximum savings.

And unlike others, Marcus also doesn't charge late fees—but you should still pay on time.

Interest rates range from 5.99% to 28.99% APR (5.99% to 24.99% for NY residents).

But otherwise, you can’t beat Marcus by Goldman Sachs thanks to its unbeatable fee schedule. Marcus is a new bank from Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs. Origination fees vary by state and interest rates range from 16.05% to 35.99%.

While you may pay a higher interest rate at One Main Financial, if you can’t get approved elsewhere due to past credit mistakes, that may be your only option.

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