Pros and cons of dating a rich man No login required two way webcam chat

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As beautiful as it may be to have an influential man next you, there are pros and cons of this kind of relationship.” Whether you are attracted or in love with him for who he is and not for his power or money, there are adjustments and set of expectations that come with dating a man who is well-known.According to Emma, “The disadvantages of dating a man with power are as many as the advantages.The abuse may also be as a result of their own insecurities at times.Lose yourself: You can easily lose yourself trying to fit in with the rich man.While power and wealth may be attractive, these things do not mean a guarantee for a perfect man and a happily ever after.Registered counsellor, Emma Shabangu, based in the North West, says most women may find that power is attractive and might find it easy to fall in love with an influential man.

He will start giving you ultimatums, rules or even threaten you.” This can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness, the list is endless. They must be true to themselves and never let any man change them Throughout W24’s series A Seat at the Table, phenomenal women from all ages have shared their thoughts, opinions and wisdoms.You may change the way you dress, how you used to do things, you may even lose touch with your dreams and purpose.Being addicted: You may want to date only rich men.If you also love power, you are then associated with other powerful men and women.Since your man is connected, you get to connect with other high-profile individuals and if you are a career-woman this can work to your advantage. This can also make you feel important in the society or around your social networks.

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