Public profile linkedin not updating

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But the good news is, it is within your power to fully control which emails you get from Linked In and when you get them.To change your email settings could to your Privacy & Settings, select the Communications tab on the right hand side of the screen and click the Change option under Email Frequency: When a list of new options entitled Which emails do you want to receive?Linked In will also give you some tips as to how to improve your ranking: It’s quite a bit of fun to check out where you stand and who’s beating you, but of you want to turn this feature off go to your Privacy & Settings, select the Privacy tab in the centre of the screen and click the Change option under How You Rank: Then just simply slide the slider to yes or no: Our recommendation: Leave it on.It’s not essential, but as we said earlier, it can be a little bit of fun to see how active you are on Linked In and how well you’re using it.

Think about it: when you run a search and you’ve looked at maybe ten people, if two of those ten people see on their profile that you’ve viewed theirs and they decide to check you out, what is that? A signal that they want to know who this recruiter is that’s viewed their profile.

If you switch from “Everyone” to “Your connections,” you’ll lose any out-of-network followers you have now: Our recommendation: We suggest that you should leave this open to Everyone, so that people can look at the type content you share and the subjects you tend to share content on, or if they’re looking for a good article you’ve shared in the past.

Leaving it on and making your activity public, adds to your credibility and by being seen to post, comment, like and discuss specialist topics that are relevant to your recruiting sector you will also boost your industry authority.

One of the most loved and most used features of Linked In is arguably “Who’s viewed my profile”.

It allows you to check out who’s been viewing your Linked In profile and it allows others who you have viewed to see that you have been viewing them.

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