Pythonpath not updating sys path gridview rowupdating cannot get new value

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This will only run when the function is called.') if __name__ == '__main__': print('This will get executed only if') print('the module is invoked directly.') print('It will not run when this module is imported') my_function() When you start a Python interpreter, one of the things it creates automatically is a list that contains all of directories it will use to search for modules when importing.

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There are a few different ways to use wildcard means load all modules and functions.Depending on whether you are organizing your code as a package or a module, they are treated slightly differently.We will look at the difference between a module and a package in a moment, but the main idea is this: # my_print('This will run when the file is imported.') def my_function(): print('Executing function.Now, when I remove the environment variable PYTHONPATH from Windows things work fine again.I believe it is a bug for the PYTHONPATH to be set (by Juypter notebook via the append).

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