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is all about fake news that slam dances into the punk, hardcore, headbanging side of our heart.Headline highlights of late include: “Neftock, Master of Darkness, Agrees to Cover Shift at 7-11” and “Local Punk Would Like to Direct Your Attention to Even Bigger Tragedy.” The site, which was founded by two West Coast writers and comedians, yesterday released one of its first videos and it’s a funny look at punk speed dating (and basically, dating in New York overall).Bargirls Dot and Booker keep the drinks rolling with Happy Hour all the way ‘til midnight!Young, fresh crowd and super cool vibe & genderbending crowd!Why not spend your thirsty Thursday at the lesbian bar where everyone knows your name?Who knows, you might even meet ~someone special.~ GLOWBALL @ LOT 45 10 PM- 4 AM, free before midnight, 411 Troutman St, Brooklyn.Homotown is a Thursday night weekly party in the West Village for queers who want to throw it back in style, groove to awesome music together, and get down.

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Come check out The World’s First All Cis, Non-Binary and Trans Identified Drag Collective!Lady Queen presents The Hangover Show hosted by Crimson Kitty featuring Krymson Scholar and Cream Victoria, Florence D’Lee, Sina Undetermined, Erma Fieend/Sweaty Eddie and birthday girl Viva Vidalia.HOMOTOWN @ HENRIETTA HUDSON 4 PM – late, free, 438 Hudson Street, New York. Nos utilisateurs sont des personnes normales, pas des prostituées ni des porno stars. Respectez les désirs et la confidentialité des autres membres.

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