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A fiscal crisis in California early in the decade severely impacted the California State University system and SDSU was deeply impacted by budget cuts.

A significant decline in enrollment at the University resulted and several organizations shut down due to operational and conduct issues.

The organization's purpose was stated as "boosting a high scholarship standard among the members of the fraternal organizations, and of cooperating with the faculty in all matters which lead to the success of the College." The IFC published the grade point averages of fraternities and sororities at the end of each semester, which stimulated a competition for scholastic standing which continues today.

On a 3.0 scale, the average GPA (grade point average) for all students at the time was 1.49.

Between 19, five national fraternities colonized new chapters at SDSU and an additional nine formed chapters through absorbing existing local fraternities on campus.

Theta Chi became the first fraternity on campus affiliated with a national organization in 1947.

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The Greek system gradually began to grow again in the late seventies following the close of the Vietnam War before spiking in the 1980s, reaching a peak of upwards of 2,900 members in 1988.

It is important to make the most of your experiences at San Diego State University by getting involved.

You can balance your time for learning, leading, and living by participating in activities with other students who share your same interests.

For fraternity members it was 1.35 and for sorority members it was 1.47.

After a couple of years of the co-educational governing organization, the sororities split from the IFC to create their own organization, the Inter-Sorority Council (later became the College Panhellenic Association [CPA]).

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