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Plus, do not send me a message without attaching a face and cock pic.************************* .Are you ready to marital affairs in Easy Going My Ideal Person: I love pretty much everything about women. I am still fascinated by and love every facet of a woman's body.The ability stretch, form, and reshape TEP makes it perfect for creating skin for sex dolls that acts and feels like real flesh. After he fell in love with his creation, the goddess Aphrodite granted her life.The two married, had children, and presumably enjoyed Greek life together until their respective deaths.Today’s realistic sex dolls are a far cry from the dame de voyage or even the ejaculating dolls of the early part of the 20th Century.

And I love the pink....never claim to be pussy men, but if I am anything, that is it....that, or the whole package.For these people, sex dolls are dinner companions or a presence next to them on the couch or in bed.Even men who have sought life size sex dolls strictly for sexual gratification have found themselves instinctively nurturing them.The story of Pygmalion became the inspiration for works of art, literature, theatre, and movies.While cultures have depicted the female human body in statuary over the centuries, the first physical love dolls intended to be realistic sex dolls do not arrive until the 16th Century.

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