Sexual predating statistics

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Often, we have an image of sexual predators lurking around school playgrounds or hiding behind bushes scoping out their potential victims, but the reality is that today’s sexual predators search for victims while hiding behind a computer screen, taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet offers."People who do not believe that their children could ever become victimized online are living in an unrealistic world.Children who meet and communicate with strangers online are easy prey for Internet predators.Predators have easy and anonymous access to children online where they can conceal their identity and roam without limit.Regardless of if your child makes 'As' or not, that child has the potential to become victimized through online technologies.I think it is very important for parents of all socioeconomic status and with all different roles in society to take this problem very seriously." —Melissa Morrow, Supervisory Special Agent, Child Exploitation Squad, FBI Research indicates that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually victimized before adulthood; sadly, 30-40% of these victims are abused by a family member and 50% are abused by someone outside the family whom they know and trust.

Therefore, parents must be on guard to protect their families.This is known as the grooming process and predators look for children that are more technically savvy than their parents.They look for children that are emotionally vulnerable which can be related to personal issues derived from problems at school or home.Once a predator Instant Messages or Chats with a victim and gains their trust they often send pornographic pictures via a chat session or e-mail and sometimes send gifts or a cell phone through the mail so calls or texts will not show up on a phone bill that parents will see.If the victim tries to cut off communication, predators will often suggest they will tell their parents what they have been doing online and how they have viewed pornographic pictures, etc...

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