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The Russian Internet is abuzz with rumors that a famous female boxer is Vladimir Putin’s new girlfriend after the two were seen together last week.

Natalia “Sledgehammer” Ragozina is a 39-year-old blonde who won all major female super middleweight boxing titles before retiring in 2009.

CHRISTIE crashed out of the women's 500m event in the final and also did not make it through to the final of the 1500m after she crashed out and was taken off on a stretcher in semi-final.

He won the gold medal in Pyeong Chang in the men's 5000m relay.The Principle Six campaign, also Principle 6, or P6, was launched in January 2014 as an Olympic protests of Russian anti-gay laws in conjunction with the 2014 Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia.Principle 6 refers to the sixth principle of the Olympic Charter that says any form of discrimination “is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell noted that openly gay and lesbian athletes are actively discriminated against in Russia as well as dozens of countries that criminalize same-sex relationships, or gay people generally on an institutional level.On Tuesday, she fell in the heats and after the re-start was given a yellow card - ending her Winter Olympics.The yellow card means that she is taken out of the competition for intentional barging.

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