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Blinds on the windows lets you enjoy privacy or release your inner exhibitionist while still keeping some distance between you and the masses. Although many of them stay in the new, large couples room, several venture out for a more public experience in the general theaters. Raleigh, NC 27613 Annabelle's Adult Supercenter 3804 N Patterson Ave Winston-Salem, NC Well laid out with two theaters, private rooms (available for rent) and a dozen or so video booths, most with gloryholes.

Couples are given free access to the general theaters on Wednesday and Sundays. Laura's Video & Etc Gastonia, NC Recently remodeled, though it still can't compete with CVE, which is just a few miles away. First Saturday night of each month is couples night, and couples do come, though the level of play, particularly in the public areas, seems very limited.

gets you in (only once, so plan accordingly) and gives you access to a small, traditional theater set up, as well as a series of smaller "screening rooms" divided by 5-foot high walls (the better to see over) and surrounded with padded benches.

In the middle of the benches is a solid, padded table. Couples and single females are frequent visitors here.

One of the rooms even has some BDSM equipment and a cage if you are into that sort of thing.

Along both theaters are a series of smaller, private rooms, set up with futons and gloryholes (which can be left open or closed) for those who prefer a little more privacy in their play.

Theater and video booths are accessible by feeding an automatic bill machine. Theater is definitely couple friendly, though it is not very large.

A nice section with comfy couches at the back of the theater is for couples only, but there is plenty of room for viewing and even audience participation.A video tour of Annabelle's Read some of my experiences at Annabelle's A large theater that has been refurbished and remodeled into a private club (they emphasize that point heavily) that caters to couples who are into the theater sex scene.The lobby/lounge area is less than impressive, but the rest of the place merits attention.By the way, getting a ticket at either Fantasyland location lets you upgrade to the other for only and you can happily drift back and forth between the two all night long since they are literally two minutes apart.Fantasyland 4715 North Lois Avenue Tampa, FL The best adult theater in Tampa at this time, and one of the best in the country. Several private rooms offer a comfortable place for couples and small groups to play.

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