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This group is intended for the active, single person to get out into social settings that they prefer to do with other like minded singles.The focus of the group is to have a mix of everything; outdoor activities, dining out, wine tastings, happy hours, art exhibits, movies, festivals, night life, social gatherings and whatever else we can come up with! We are not a dating group or service; we are a singles social group. Our members pay a membership fee to join, and in return they can relax and feel that the organizers are taking extra steps for their safety and comfort.2.

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Support your wait staff with generous tips and they'll be glad to have us back again.Columbus Commons has become our home away from home for Shadowbox and other great concerts, we've grooved together at Harry Buffalo, Turtle Creek, Pastimes, Lazy Chameleon, Papa Boo's, Hollywood Casino, among others.And we're discovering new bands, new venues, new brew pubs and restaurants all the time!When you RSVP to attend an event, we plan for you in our numbers, and we look forward to seeing you. If you must change your plans, do so with PLENTY of advance notice (1-2 days is MUCH better than 1-2 hours).If you would like to join us without an RSVP, contact the host. The host reserves the right to cancel the meetup if the response is low.

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