This is london dating

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These are the truths unique to London's dating scene...

In London, when you play tonsil hockey after several rounds of drinks, you will often wake up suddenly in a relationship.

These cool kids used to hang out in Shoreditch until it became too mainstream, so now you’ll find them residing in areas such as Hackney and Dalston, wearing vintage lumberjack shirting and ordering craft beer and vegan burgers aplenty. Clever marketing, not so clever are the men who book a dining spot here.

Yes, it’s beautiful and the food is undoubtedly superb but it’s neither personal nor innovative so boys, we recommend doing a little more research than that.

Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get a response as the chances are he’d have had nothing to say for himself anyway. Find out what you can about those that you do end up talking to to eliminate the chances of accidentally dating your boss or something equally as horrific. There’s nothing worse that arriving on a date with someone who looks completely different to his digital portrayal. Follow our list of no-gos on the profile picture front.It’s fair to say that dealing with opinions around feminism isn’t the easiest of topics to broach, let alone when you’ve only just met someone.That said, paying the bill can often be the most awkward part of the entire debacle.You’d think, with a city the size of London, the likelihood of coming across someone you know on apps like Bumble would be slim wouldn’t you? Worst case scenarios include: your ex boyfriend, your best friend’s ex boyfriend, your friend’s boyfriend and a face that vaguely reminds you of someone you might have woken up next to after a tequila-fuelled night. They include, but are not limited to; zero images sans sunglasses (what you hiding behind there mysterious man?), gym mirror selfies (because vanity isn’t an attractive trait), photos only surrounded by other people (his mates aren’t coming on your first date), and as a token addition, no bios that include the phrase ‘Nextflix and chill’ (because we shouldn’t have to explain this one).

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