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VOLUME XXXVI July to December, 1905 Minneapolis, Minn. 1905 Q-y Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign CONTENTS. "The university of Chicago offered him a professorship, 8 The American Geologist. Ill health compelled him to seek the more favorable climate of New Mexico, where after a short service as instructor in the school of mines at Socorro, he was elected president of the university of New Mexico, at Albuquerque. Her- rick as a Maker of Scientific Men," published in a special memorial volume of the Bulletin of the Scientific Labora- tories of Denison university.

He gave much attention to the geology of Ohio, and was for some time associate editor of the American Geologist, to which journal he made extensive contributions.

It was so apparent from even a slight acquaint- ance with him that he loved it and believed in it as a pur- suit worthy not only of his own highest thought and most earnest effort, but deserving as well the supreme attention of any man.

* * * What were some of the reasons for the unquestionable power he pos- sessed of moulding the purposes and lives of his associates? One reason for this power was undoubtedly the perfect sincerity of his devotion to science.

July - l905 emulate him should be kindled in that mind?

is it any wonder that the ambition to io The American Geologist.

As it is hopeless to deceive students by the parade of simulated enthusiasm, so it is unnecessary to proclaim the real one.

The student unconsciously detects the real article as well as the sham.

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Secondly, his remarkable industry emphasized the effect of his sincere devotion to science. For four years he was the president of the territorial university at Albuquerque, though at the close of the third year it became evident that the strain of the executive work and confinement were too hard for him, and his connection during the fourth year was mainly of supervision and general control. As soon as his geological knowl- edge became known his services were in demand as a min- ing expert and during the later years of his life in the terri- tory he supported his family chiefly by practising this pro- fession as strength permitted. It is gratifying to know that he had the satisfaction of seeing this work so well rounded out before his death and that the later months of his life were much more restful than those preceding, some of which were marked by extreme suffering. 8, 1904, when he again had a series of uncontrollable hem- orrhages, daily becoming weaker until on the morning of the 15th, he peacefully passed away. re- maining, much of which can doubtless be edited for publica- tion.

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