Tyra banks is dating bow wow

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Sep 21, Simmons and Bow Wow haven't spoken in a while, and there's lots to talk EXCLUSIVE: Romeo Miller Gets the Group Back Together on.

Nik should have won ANTM that season but whatev..... Dude was thinking “This is the greatest day of my life” (voice of guy @ in Comeing 2 America) LOL!!!!!

It's going to be in his next single, video, twitter message, and interview!

It’s not exactly the same thing, but Game showed some true love to random fans and it wasn’t cheap. Rap-Up has the footage: Bow Wow’s dream came true yet again when his crush, Tyra Banks, was a guest on Wednesday’s “106 & Park.” After reliving their first kiss on her talk show in 2009, the supermodel asked if he was ready for another round.

yes they did just after on the tyra banks show then bowow started to like tyra banks. put in bowow admits he like tyra banks an they even show a clip that they kissed............... Tyra had told Bow Wow "don't put ur tongue in my mouth or i will bit it off" as a joke and than in front of a million fans on… You bow to your partner or opponent before you spar or train.

They welcomed their brand new baby boy into the world yesterday. Regarding bow wow, with the young girls, his association with superhead had a negative effect on his swag and album sales. Michelle Obama & Coco Gauf's Meeting Is #Black Girl Magic Personified» SHE TRIED IT!

He's going through a natural transition that's hard. His lyrics were age appropriate at the time, but now he's a grown man, who naturally wants to change his themes, control his own image, but people remember the "lil bow wow, you just don't know." People don't want to see the grown up version of him.... He actually seems the most NORMAL of all the "little kid stars," that are now adults, trying to transition and stay afloat. Justin....dated older women (Janet Jackson, Cameron Diaz) and, that allowed him to shed the teeny bopper image. STAYS DATING OLDER WOMEN, but remember it was CHILI that took him out of teeny bopper movies, and made us like "ooooh, look at him now! HELLA LATE I'M SURE BUT I THOUGHT TY TY WAS STILL SINGLE. P) but that kiss looks as fake as when Mike Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley did it... » Stars Align To 'POWER' Up At MSG For Season Finale Premiere 50 Cent & His Rumored Boo Make It Red Carpet Official» Idris Elba Makes 'Hobbs & Shaw' Premiere A Gorgeous Family Affair While The Rock Snaps It Up With Everybody Before Brief Scare» SHE'S LEGAL, LEGAL!

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