University professor dating student

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The issue came to the forefront earlier this month, when The Enquirer reported on UC's investigation into world-renowned flutist and longtime professor Bradley Garner.Nine women and another former professor told investigators Garner kissed and inappropriately touched College-Conservatory of Music students and others."For every time there is a positive result, there are 20 bad endings," he said.

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During interviews, former adjunct professor Randy Bowman and a 2017 CCM graduate both told UC investigators they knew of at least six students who had a sexual relationship with Garner, who’s married.“You’re that scared that he could destroy it.” Jennifer J.Freyd, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, agreed that professors who pursue students put the students in a “terrible bind.” “It’s hard for them to have the freedom to say no,” Freyd said.On the other, can they make a decision of their own free will when the other person has all of the power?Regulating such romances is complicated for colleges.

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