Updating apple iphone

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i Messages will also now work on dual-SIM phones (unfortunately, we don't have more detail than that).Instead of sharing an Air Pod with a friend or loved one, your i Phone can now stream audio to two pairs of Air Pods thanks to Audio Sharing.

You can also choose to share or hide your email address, and can ask Apple to create a random email for the app or service that forwards to your actual email address, therefore masking your real identity without your needing to use a junk account.From opening multiple apps, or quickly switching between workspaces, .Naturally, hidden features have to actually, well, be discovered, so right now the current tally of hidden features worth highlighting is at 11. Apple will still limit font selection for as a whole; however, the company is opening up i OS 13 to allow custom fonts inside apps.This appears to be systemwide, but we'll need to see if there are any exceptions.The Photos app received a pretty significant overhaul.

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